Wow! What can I say?! Food Is First has really changed my outlook, my appearance and my life! I am so grateful for what I’ve learned from Melany in such a short time! Being an expectant mother, she dove right in to ensure that I have the best supplements and best nutritional practices possible. Since then I have discovered allergies that I didn’t know I had and have been able to remedy my symptoms. I have soooo much more energy than I did on the synthetic supplements I was given by doctors and I’ve been able to keep my weight perfect during this amazing time growing my baby. I had a medical emergency and instead of using some really horrible medications the doctors gave me (that I won’t mention) to relieve the pain, Melany assisted me to deal with the issues holistically and within a few days I felt perfectly fine! I am also learning to get rid of the ailment that took me to the hospital in the first place, one of which I was told could only be dealt with through medication and surgery initially. My skin looks fabulous and I feel fabulous! I am so blessed to have the help that Food Is First has provided me and so is my little one. Now he will have an amazing head start entering this world! Thank you!!!

-K. Turner

Food is first saved my life. For 7 years I’ve suffered from a chronic stomach condition, gastropersis, and on a regular basis I experienced chronic digestive pain and discomfort. Over time many medical doctors have prescribed many different medications and regimes to address this problem but none of these traditional mainstream medications worked. At the time of Melany’s intervention, I was so plauged by this chronic condition that I was experiencing rapid weight lost and muscle wasting. Food is First did an emergency intervention on me.

Melany set up plan to heal the sore (literally my condition had created a sore) in my stomach and restore the acidity balance. Days after starting on the plan I experienced results. In this plan the foods and preparations I have learned about have helped to heal my condition. Now I am gaining weight from eating healthy foods prepared in an healthy way. My hat’s off to Food is First!

-A. Majors

Food Is First has completely helped my sense of well being. Six months ago I was getting bigger and bigger, even though I was eating the same food I had always ate. I decided it was time to change and contacted Melany; we have been working together since late September and I’ve already lost two pant sizes and gained much more self esteem and confidence. I had already thought that what I felt about myself was fine, but there is so much more to appreciate!

Having her knowledge and guidance has extremely helped me through my day-to-day, improved my work performance by simply feeling better, and even improved my personal relationships. I have been so happy since working with Food Is First that I’ve been bragging about it to everyone I know. I highly suggest that everyone work with Food Is First for the simple fact that: it’s all about the food! Thank you so much, Melany.

-E. Wayne

I have been a believer of nutrition and holistic medicine since my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer when I was twelve. At that time I saw first hand how diet can heal the worst illnesses. I started receiving care from Ms. Bell when I found out I was pregnant. I have Alports disease, a genetic disorder that can cause kidney failure. This made me a high risk pregnancy, and at risk for Pre-eclampsia. Ms. Bell tested me and put me on probiotics and minerals to eliminate that risk. At my last appointment my high risk doctor told me I was in excellent health and no longer needed to be seen by their clinic. Ms. Bell guided me through my pregnancy to get me to this point. She was also a great source of information on how to cure morning sickness, back pain, anemia, and vaccinations.

Ms. Bell’s passion is what sets her care apart from others. She is a nutritionist because she wants to change how people eat and how they view their health. When you start services with Ms. Bell you will have personalized, and personal care. She is her patients biggest ally, and she gives you all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

-E. Johnson